The All-New Interview Preparation Platform

The All-New Interview Preparation Platform

Almost all of the product-based companies have interview rounds focusing on Data Structures and Algorithms, for a development-based role. The interview approach can vary from one company to the other, but the crux remains the same. It is to test your knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA).

Let's make it simple, all the interviewers will be focusing on a few things like

  • whether you can think through the problem
  • whether you can communicate effectively
  • whether you know the right data structure or the algorithmic approach which consumes less bandwidth (time, computation, etc.)

There are a lot of platforms available online which help you to prepare for the DSA rounds. That said, in this article, we are going to look at something relatively new (but trust me, it has been there for some time), with all of its features available absolutely for free.

Practice Platform

If you are wondering what that is, it is the Practice Platform by workattech. When compared to other platforms, it doesn't have a lot of questions. But let's look into the features that make the platform special.

  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Hand-picked, high-quality questions
  • Filters based on companies & difficulty
  • Curated practice sheets
  • The best editorials
  • Free for all

That is not it, the workattech platform also hosts a variety of resources that will help you out irrespective of your current circumstance. From generic career-related articles to manually-reviewed Machine Coding problems, workattech has all of it.

Machine Coding

By the way, did you know that workattech has the best Machine Coding related resources? It hosts the A-Z of Machine Coding, starting from the introductory articles, to the best practice questions which will help you ace the interviews.

The DSA round and the Machine Coding rounds are the major interview rounds in most product-based companies.

The workattech platform even brings you hand-picked software engineering jobs through their job board. You can definitely check that out too.

I know, it might be a lot to digest right away. But trust me, the platform is absolutely worth it. There is a lot more to cover related to each of the above. But that is for next time. Don't forget to check it out, you are going to love it for sure. Please don't forget to let me know what you think about the platform.

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